Quick Response
We quickly respond to calls regarding your delivery as soon as we get them.
Night Service
We offer night services in case you need quick delivery in the morning the next day .
Air Service
Our air service policy ensures that you don't ever need to worry no matter where the package is coming from.


Atlantic Express and Cargo is a special purpose trust company whose mission is to preserve and grow the State's financial resources by competitively managing and investing them in a prudent, ethical, innovative and cost-effective manner while focusing on client needs.

Our Vision:

We are a special purpose entity to efficiently and economically manage, invest and safeguard funds for its clients: the state and various subdivisions. Atlantic Express and Cargo is first and foremost a fiduciary organization. As such, it is held to the highest standard of care imposed in either law or equity and obligated to subordinate its own interests to those of its beneficiaries.

Our Goal:

To protects valuable assets such as Money, Gold, Diamonds, and Valuable documents. We use our security devices and other sophisticated machines to protect items of our clients. Due to our protective intelligent, we protect individuals and many companies assets such as Gold companies in UK, USA and beyond, Banks records, Online verification system etc.